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FTP, input username, hosting url, password, folder creation, plus much more headaches when uploading your website the previous way! But those "Pre-historic days" have ended.
In Fact.... I am going to amaze you, by showing you the way to upload WordPress within a few minutes...
What Is Easy WordPress Installation?
"Easy WordPress Installation" is often a click point feature NOW held my top owners. You see people need a hosting through you now probably have one. And in the rear office of your respective Hosting (use this link) account is usually a uploading feature that might dice your installation process by 50 percent!
So what I would do is call customer support and discover should you have this feature and permit them to walk you through it!
"Why Use Easy Installation?"
* Well because time is money and I explain to you if the a marketer which is in a number of niches. This alone provide wheels handing over a hurry!
* Your site incorporates a better potential for being inserted inside the right folder. I remember when I started I had multiple blog within a particular folder.
* You can easily make positive changes to password, sitename, username within a matter of seconds
* The back office on most website hosts makes it easy fast installation but even faster deactivation or termination of your blog if you can't want to buy anymore!
Here's A Few Hosting Companies That Have Easy Installation:
Their are numerous more this is why I would call customer care prior to deciding to transition to a single of the.